1. WhatsApp legal consultation. Just put your name, address and question relating to property, tax, consumer case, succession, banking and RTI to this WhatsApp no. +91 8910553767, the consultancy fee will be viewed and after accepting the rate, your question will be answered on WhatsApp.

2. RTI application and/or First Appeal and/or Second Appeal drafting via WhatsApp.


For following services and their rates/fee contact Legal Clerk - Mr. Subho Chakraborty (Sandip Chakraborty & Associates, Call: +91 8240567193)

    3. Property Registration;

    4. Legal Agreements;

    5. Notarization;

    6. Affidavit;

    7. Banking documentation;

    8. Property searching;

    9. Certified copy of Court documents / Court case searching;

    10. Certified copy of Deeds;