How can a lawyer act as Advocate in the Supreme Court of India?

An Advocate is ususally certified to practice as Advocate in every court of India. But for the purposes of acting as Advocate in the Supreme Court of India, there is a category of Advocate on Record. According to Dr. A. N. Chaturvedi's book "Principles of Forms of Pleadings & Conveyancing with Advocacy & Professional Ethics" in order to be registered as an Advocate on record, it is necessary that: 

(A) one should be enrolled as Advocate on the roll of any State Bar Councils;

(B) he should be attached with some senior Advocate on Record of the Supreme Court for at least 2 years;

(C) he should pass an examination conducted by the Supreme Court;

(D) he should maintain his chamber within a radius of 10 Kilometers, and lastly,

(E) he should file a declaration along with his application on the prescribed form and the requisite amount of fee that he will engage a registered clerk and maintain a book of accounts.

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